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Jul 02 / 2016

June – 366 – Letter To My Son

by Laura

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Dear Micah,

Another month has come and gone, and I’m pretty sure this is the last month I can pull off calling you a “newborn”.  Thankfully, I think the intense growth spurts have tapered off, and you’re staying in 9 to 12-month clothing now without us having to pull out new outfits constantly.  You still love to sleep.  Mostly in beds, but sometime in arms, or the middle of the floor, or on late-night photo shoots in your car seat <3.

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Your dad and I tried so hard to fit you into this little bear outfit that we wanted to take to Iceland with us.  You gave me one blurry photo and then decided you were done with it as it was much too small on you being for 6-month old babies.  The photographer in me cringes at the blur, but the mom in me has to keep her little bear cub.  Hopefully a future sibling will fit it one day!

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This month you learned to grab things, decided you have favourite toys that make you smile when you see them like “Loyal” your lion, and are much easier to photograph with your quick, ready smiles :).  Anytime you want to add sleeping through the night to your list of accomplishments is also fine with me, okay?  Okay!  No, seriously, please?

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The middle of this month was pretty hectic with us preparing to take you on your first “Froese Adventure!”  We crammed in so much work; shot a couple last-minute weddings; and had Fathers’ Day, my birthday, and your dedication at church all on the same day – the day before we flew out!  But then we were off to Iceland!!!

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You handled the plane both ways like a champ and also were the least jet-lagged of all of us!  You napped in the car, and were a bundle of smiles and giggles each evening when we took you out.  You handled sleeping in a different crib each night with ease, but kept mommy up because you are SO. LOUD.  You coo, you talk, you thrash, and you kick.  She was so happy to have you back in your own room when we got home!  But we chased the midnight sun, saw countless “floofen-haugen” (don’t ask me why your dad and I decided “sheep” was a boring word and decided to rename a mammal on our trip), and climbed all around and behind countless waterfalls.  I’m sad you won’t remember it, but hopefully it put the spirit of adventure into your blood and you’ll have many more of your own to come <3.

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2 thoughts on “June – 366 – Letter To My Son

  1. Heather Lyseng

    What a happy memory for Micah. He is so blessed.
    Lovely family.????????

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