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Jul 01 / 2017

June DITL (Day In The Life) | Fathers’ Day

by Laura

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Sometimes I wish I could hire myself to properly document our days.  The photographer in me cringes at the mixed lighting, out-of-focus shots, and sometimes total lack of creativity that these “DITL” posts end up with.  But there’s grace.  I am not shooting these for everyone else.  I am shooting these for me.  And it is enough.  It is enough to juggle two littles (17 months and 2 months), be a mother, be a wife, run a business, be involved in community and outreach, and sometimes have a camera hanging on my hip at the same time so that I don’t forget.  In the busy, in the crazy, it is easy to miss it.  To overlook it.  Those hands and feet will only be that little for so long.  The emotional meltdowns and hurts will only be able to be soothed by hugging a teddy for so many years.  Before you know it, you will blink and it’s gone.  So it’s worth it to me to document the mundane (however haphazardly) so that I have it to look back upon.  However boring, routine, ordinary, technically flawed, or uncreative a shot may be, it freezes a moment in time that I won’t ever get back again, and that’s worth it.

Fathers’ Day began for me with my wonderful husband getting up and looking after the boys for an hour between 7 and 8am like he always does so Mom can recover a bit from the night before.  Levi is getting better and better at sleeping longer chunks, but I’m still his food source so it makes for a season of less than restful nights!  Around 8am, Micah came knocking at my bedroom door for a wake-up call and we all piled into our bed together for cuddles, pillow forts, and groggy good-mornings.  Micah quickly found his way over to our closet for his new favourite obsession (clothes hangers), and Daddy passed Levi off to me for another feeding while he went to prepare breakfast.

Sunday mornings always start slow and relaxed, but somehow 9:45am creeps up oh so fast and we realize we need to fly out the door to church.  Micah gets a little overwhelmed at the flurry of activity with Mommy and Daddy both getting ready, dressing the boys, packing the diaper bag, grabbing snacks on the go, and trying to tidy up from the morning’s breakfast and play.  A brief cuddle with his favourite teddy and then Daddy helps settle him slightly.  Mommy further helped ruin Micah’s day by trying to get the boys together in a photo with their matching shirts that Great Grandma and Grandpa bought them.  Mommy clearly was ruining the fun with such a request!  Eventually we got everyone off to church (which is thankfully only a 4-minute drive away).  Levi lasted in his wrap for about 10 minutes and then nursed for the rest of the service in the back, and Micah melted down in the nursery so daddy spent his time in there!  It’s a good thing we go for the community because that is found aplenty.  Time to sit, sing, or listen?  Not so much during this stage of life!

Afterwards we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa’s for Fathers’ Day lunch.  We picked up some regular chicken for me (no sugar diet this summer) and some KFC for everyone else.  We also stopped for a Starbucks because the little cups of coffee they serve after the service are what I would call “cute” or perhaps “quaint” at this particular time in my life.  Mama needs MORE caffeine than that!  Micah unfortunately fell asleep in the car and wouldn’t transfer to his playpen once we arrived because the lure of grandparents, aunties, a great-cousin, and a great-auntie and uncle proved too much.

An almost napless Micah was in a less-than-ideal mood for the remainder of the day, but thankfully there were lots of hands to help out with him, giving Mommy and Levi some relaxing time together while Daddy and the “young folk” played a board game.

We left around dinner to put our crew to bed, but they barely made it onto the highway before passing out. We did a little driving around and exploring the back roads near our place to just take a breather together since the boys had put themselves to sleep in the car.  Micah would easily transfer to his own crib and Levi stayed up a bit later at this point anyway.  When we got home, Mom made a snack and opened her birthday present from the boys a day early which lead to us testing it out with some fancy drinks that evening :).  Levi eventually started to get sleepy as well, so we swaddled him up so I could nurse him to sleep on the couch and then Mommy and Daddy could enjoy some t.v. time together wrapping up our Fathers’ Day.

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