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Jun 09 / 2017

J&W Backyard Wedding | Chilliwack BC

by Laura

Category : Weddings


I knew these were “my people” when they said they would be zip-lining into their reception over a river (with a change of clothes on hand just in case!), and that they wanted a “first sword fight” in addition to a dance.  Jaclyn and Will are absolutely perfect for each other and were so cute sharing little smiles and glances all throughout the ceremony and jumping on every chance to kiss for the rest of the day!  They made documenting their backyard wedding a true joy and the perfect way for us to kick off the 2017 season after my maternity leave.

The girls got ready at the bride’s family home while the boys suited up over at the Best Western, meeting at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Chilliwack to exchange their vows.  Jaclyn and Will absolutely LOVE tea, so once they had thanked and hugged all their guests after the ceremony, they went to a private property to share a tea time with some close family and friends.  We took a few portraits during this and then headed back to the bride’s family home for the reception.  This was the home she and her brothers grew up in.  We took more photos in the buttercup fields by the river that marked her childhood and then caught the grand entry zip-lining in over the water!  The evening was filled with songs, and laughter, stories, and open mic, and of course was not without a sword fight or two as well!  Congratulations on your new life together, you two, and keep being awesome!

One of Jaclyn’s bridesmaids had a special surprise for her – a wedding card signed by Tom Felton (the actor that played Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies).  She was very surprised to say the least!

2 thoughts on “J&W Backyard Wedding | Chilliwack BC

  1. Jaclyn

    Thanks Laura!! The Internet here isn’t great so I haven’t gotten the link to all the photos to work yet but these are fantastic!!

    1. You’re very welcome! Oh, that’s too bad! It probably won’t load it for you because there’s about 100 photos per page in the album and it’s just too slow of a connection down there. Something to look forward to when you’re home then 🙂

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