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Sep 21 / 2023

K & A Engagement Shoot | Port Moody Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Engagement

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couple standing on the edge of the ocean looking out over sunset and storm clouds

I have known this awesome chick for SO many years. We met with me hauling around Micah as a baby in his car seat. For all those years, she was waiting for the perfect guy, and boy did she find him. He was SO sick, but didn’t want to reschedule the photos. I’m super glad they didn’t because you can’t plan for epic sunsets like this. They either happen or they don’t. And they lucked out! We had a wonderful time catching up last night, walking along the ocean (and keeping my distance cause I don’t need to get sick right now!). I can’t wait for their wedding next Summer.

couple in jerseys holding hands and walking through a tunnel overpass
couple in jerseys standing with their back against a railed pathway looking out to forest
couple smiling at each other with green forest in background and sun peeking through trees
couple standing in front of trees with sunset coming through about to kiss
couple holding hands and walking along the ocean at sunset
black and white image of couple hugging and smiling together with water in background
coulpe with rocks and sunset behind them, snuggling and about to kiss as woman leans over man's shoulder
couple standing on the shore of a river with sun shining on trees behind them
couple about to kiss with sun flare coming through rocks behind them
couple standing nose to nose on a peer overlooking the ocean with sun setting in the background
man standing at railing looking out over sunset ocean while woman hugs him from behind and rests against his back
couple sitting on a log cuddling together with park in background
couple standing under autumn leaves and woman laughing as man is about to kiss her
couple walking down path from lighthouse with ocean and sunset with dramatic clouds in the background

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