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Aug 10 / 2023

K & F Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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If you’ve been following my blog for a while, this place will be familiar to you! I’m an in-house vendor for Newlands Golf Course, so I shoot there a LOT.

bride and groom standing with glass conservatory behind them with lights

However, what I love about that is I know the venue and the nearby parks inside and out. I know where to shoot at what time of day, and the best way to get variety in a short amount of time. So, am I tired of it yet? Nope! So here is another gorgeous wedding at this place <3.

groom seeing his bride for the first time under a vine-covered gazebo
bride and groom sitting under large, vine-covered gazebo on a bench smiling at each other
bride and groom holding hands and walking down a wooden plank path surrounded by greenery
macro close up shot of wedding rings sitting on a tree branch
bride smiling up at her groom under a willow tree
bride and groom kissing on a large stone staircase in the forest
bride pulling on her groom's jacket as he leans against a large greenhouse
bride and groom holding hands with large clear greenhouse behind them surrounded by trees
wedding party all cheering as bride and groom kiss
bride and groom resting head to head with veil in foreground
bride and groom standing in a garden on the grass posing for the camera
bride being walked down the aisle outside by her father while guests stand
close up of young boy's hands holding the ring box during the wedding ceremony
close up of bride smiling at her husband during wedding ceremony outdoors in the sunset
bride and groom kissing once declared husband and wife
bride and groom celebrating once declared husband and wife
bride and groom kiss surrounded by cheering friends in hockey jersies
pull back of light and airy reception ball room at Newlands Golf Course
MC stands with groom with blindfold over his eyes for a game during wedding reception
groom blindfolded and feeling elbows during wedding reception to find his bride
groom laughing while playing a game during the wedding reception with guess in the background
bride and groom laughing during wedding reception speeches
bridesmaid giving animated wedding reception speech
mother of groom giving speech during wedding reception
close up of bride and groom reacting to wedding speeches during reception
bride crying during wedding reception speeches
bride and groom cutting white wedding cake shot through their shoulders in the foreground
close up of bride and groom dancing during wedding reception with guests watching in background
wedding guests watching bride and groom do first dance at reception
bride and groom holding each other and smiling under a white gazebo with lights a blue hour
bride and groom resting forehead to forehead with a golf course and sunset in the background
bride and groom hugging and looking out over a golf course towards the purple sunset

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