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May 01 / 2022

L Family | Saying Goodbye to Home

by Laura

Category : Families

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family standing in front of their home

Somethings that I wish I had more of are images of my childhood homes. I would love to see my bedroom again through adult eyes and well as all the spaces we used to gather together as a family. Sometimes photographers spend so much time focusing on the people that we forget about the places. In-home, lifestyle sessions are perfect for capturing it all. When Vanessa reached out to me and said she wanted to surprise her parents with one last photo session in their home, which was going up for sale that afternoon, I gave her a resounding yes! Obviously, we did a few more “posed” portraits throughout given the ages of everyone, but it was still so fun regardless. Here are a few favourites.

family standing together on front porch and talking with home in the background
family standing around kitchen island drinking coffee and laughing together
male and female standing in kitchen tossing oranges back and forth to each other
family sitting on a couch and laughing together with father leaning over back of couch
asian man sitting at his desk holding a coffee mug looking out to the right
teenage boy sitting on bed and reading beside a speaker
two adult children sitting at top of stairs
girl sitting in room holding a book and looking out the window
father and sun leaning against the garage smiling
asian couple sitting snuggled together on couch with fire on in background
father standing beside a piano watching adult daughter play
asian couple cheersing mugs sitting outside their front door
asian couple holding hands and smiling at each other with cherry blossoms in the background
family of mom, dad, adult daughter and teenage son smiling for the camera with cherry blossoms in the background

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