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Feb 11 / 2014

Lazy Long Weekends

by Laura

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I think in a perfect world every weekend should be a long weekend.  BC celebrated “Family Day” yesterday.  As sentimental as that sounds, I’m fairly certain someone probably just said, “Hey, it’s a long time between New Years and Easter without a stat.  Let’s add one in February and call it….. something legit sounding.  I know – Family Day!”.  But I’m not complaining!
Saturday I got up “early” (8:30 is early for me on a weekend), and headed down to the States.  I won a free flash trigger / receiver set and a one-hour Skype lesson online on a photography forum I’m a part of.  However, I happened to be friends with the person extending the offer, so I went down for an in-person pick up and visit instead :).  She sent two of her kids out for an adventure with their dad and we kept the most cooperative “subject” at home with us.  Here are some shots from the day practising natural light and then also flash for a head shot.




Sunday was my one super lazy day where I refused to leave the house at all.  Nick ran out to drop some stuff off at church and pick up some sushi, but I didn’t even get out of my pajamas the entire day.  It was amazing.  We started watching all the Star Wars movies later in the evening, and pulled out our mattress to the living room to watch them on the tv with the proper speakers.

Monday we finished watching all but one of the Star Wars movies, and I had to be a little more productive than the day before.  Even though it was a stat, that doesn’t mean I don’t still teach piano.  Before I headed out for my first set of students, we had a nice fondue dinner.  I’d never heard of fondue before meeting Nick’s family, and I have to say it’s a favourite now!  I remember being so jealous when I watched him open a fondue kit for Christmas when we were dating, and now I get to enjoy the benefits of that gift as well 🙂

After I came back and finished off my last student of the evening, in keeping with the fondue theme, I cut up some fruit and pulled out some chocolate chips to melt.  There was no point in trying to go to bed at a reasonable time after a three-day weekend, so I just accepted the fact that coffee would be a necessity the next day, and we settled down with another Star Wars movie on the couch and worked away on our own hobbies while we watched (me catching up on editing and Nick making some clay game pieces for friends of ours).  We may have also spent a bit of time chucking the marshmallows at each other in an indoor snowball fight instead of eating them…  And that pretty much wraps up a perfect long weekend 🙂



4 thoughts on “Lazy Long Weekends

    1. Thanks, Shari! I could eat fondue every night of the week! It’s a good thing it’s a pain in the butt to prep and clean up for or else that would be very unhealthy, haha!

    1. Except for the marshmellows! They were just too sweet with all that fruit, so we ended up chucking them at each other across the livingroom instead of eating them, which was equally awesome, haha!

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