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Apr 04 / 2016

March – 366

by Laura

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I can’t believe it’s already April!  At the same time, as I look back over my daily photos for the last month, some of them seem like they were taken ages ago now.  Anyway, here is March together as a family of three!


The first week of March was full of taking care of little Micah, getting creative with working locations to make this happen, and also us transitioning him slowly to a diet of 50% formula to make sharing the load a little easier and to cut down on the 5 hours a day I was spending pumping and cleaning bottles.  On top of this, I spring cleaned our entire apartment.  Why?  Because I am crazy.  But oh it felt so good to cart out box after box of stuff we don’t need, freeing up much desired storage space!  I’m a delayed nester….

March week 1



Week two was pretty similar to week one.  Lots of taking care of baby, being tired, and finding our new rhythms.  It’s still a challenge to balance us both working 50+ hours a week, sharing baby and household duties, and finding “us time”.  I’m still working on cutting things out to make this happen, but we’re getting there – slowly!

March week 2



March week 2 2


In the third week of the month, I recorded a Day-In-The-Life post before this season of our life is gone, as it seems like each stage of childhood flies by in a blink.  I want to remember the bottles (oh, I hate washing the bottles!), the pumping, the diapers, the first smiles, the couch cuddles, the caffeine survival, and the challenge of working weddings with a little!  All of the good and all of the hard – I want to document it and cherish it because one day it will be nothing more than a “remember when…”.






March 18 - 21


At this point in our lives, I think we have both completely given up on the concept of groceries.  Our meals are either left overs from cooking for Lifegroup or creative amalgamations of whatever we find in our deep freeze as I dig to the bottom of it looking for milk storage space.  Micah is now getting large enough that Nick carries him most of the time when we go out to save my foot (still injured from years ago and working weddings takes its toll), and we have upgraded him to the regular bathtub, which he LOVES!  As it was Easter, we also remembered Toby, our little baby in heaven whom we never met.  We lost him Easter Sunday last year, but we still have his small “hope chicken”.  We celebrated the holiday with Nick’s family over at our place and rounded up the month with Micah’s first set of immunizations.

march week 4








2 thoughts on “March – 366

  1. Jill

    Love seeing how life is going on with you guys! Micah is such a cutie. And love seeing your photos again!

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