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May 31 / 2018

May 2018 | 365 Project Favourites

by Laura

Category : 365 photography projects, Living Daily, My Family, Personal


May was a very long month and I felt like I was shooting to meet my daily quota vs. because I wanted to a lot of the time, but that’s to be expected now and again during the course of a year-long project.  It’s also to be expected when you have a barely 2-year old, a 1-year old, are 4 months pregnant, and your husband leaves for the other side of the world for 17 days while your toddler decides that would be a great time to stop napping.  Oh, and surprise, ALL the babies get born at once and it turns out to be one of the busiest 17 days of the year for your business instead of you taking some time off, haha!  May was a looonnngggg month, and I’m so glad tomorrow is June!  I’m going to be taking some much needed time off (even if it is just a week) and then starting wedding season at a very reasonable pace, ending the month with our annual family stay-cation.  But May still existed and it got documented!  Not as many favourites as usual, but here are a few I love:

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8 thoughts on “May 2018 | 365 Project Favourites

  1. Elyse

    Laura — every time I read about your month it blows me away that you are mom’n two little AND are pregnant AND keeping up with this and I’m sure it’s not easy but you amaze me!
    Anyways, beautiful photos. The costco shot is one of my favorite compositions and I love the sweet details of your boy. Happy summertime!!

    1. Laura

      Oh don’t let the photos fool you! They capture the moments in between all the very real life going down, lol! But thank you so much for the kind words!

  2. Margaret

    It’s so fun to watch your boys grow up! Love all of these. Beautiful perspective. Beautiful light. So personal!

  3. Alyssa Kellert

    Such sweet images of your little ones. You can’t even tell you were just pushing through 😉 Glad you survived May!!

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