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Jun 14 / 2016

May – 366 – Letter To My Son

by Laura

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Dear Micah,

It’s been 4 months now since you’ve joined our family and May was the month that you really became your own little person.  You are your father in every way.  You love people, you’re super friendly, and you’re pretty chill and laid back.  You also take after your mom’s love of sleep which she very much appreciates.  You do still wake up 2-3 times a night for food though, but thankfully you give us 4-5 hour stints on the regular and sometimes even a 7 or 8 hour stint!

May blog-1

May blog-2

You’ve been teething off and on, but thankfully chewing on  your hands provides most of the relief you need and I rarely have to find something else for you to chomp on.  Our good friend, Amy, loaned us her stroller indefinitely so we can go on lots of walks and adventures now while daddy is at work, but your biggest adventure so far is just around the corner next month now that we have all our passports up to date!

May 2-5

May blog-1-2

May blog-1-3

May blog-2-2

We officially broke into our freezer stash this month and have you on breast milk all day and formula all night.  I am relieved to be done pumping with feeding you being as simple as running some hot water over a pre-measured bag.  It’s hard to believe we’ve emptied half our deep freeze already after only a month.  We were hoping to start you on solids sooner to extend the stash, but the doctor says you’re in the 97th percentile being 21 pounds at only 4.5 months so no solids for you any time soon!

May blog-3

May blog-4

I’m getting into a sustainable routine with work and motherhood, but already counting down the months until next year where I take on even less and have even more attention for you.  I miss taking you out on shoots with me, but you’re just too big and too aware of the world around you now.  You also have a regular, established bedtime, which means you’re often asleep before I even head out.  That being said, you do still get brought along occasionally if there’s someone to watch you like your Aunt Robyn 🙂

May 11-15

May blog-1-4

We survived daddy being out of town for a week filming in North Chicago, but oh man did mommy miss co-parenting.  We sent him videos and he hid us notes, and with the help of friends we did alright!  And while he was gone, you got really good at holding up your head and impressed him when he came back 🙂  Mom’s 366 project may have gone a little off the rails from this week forward, but we’re still managing a photo “for” every day even if they’re not taken every day.

May 17

May blog-1-5

We had 2 weddings to shoot this month, and you had your first sleep-over and Grandma and Grandpa’s with the promise of many more to come as the summer gets busier.  You’re getting stronger and stronger and can play in your borrowed exersaucer now for limited amounts of time until you get tired of holding up your head.  Mostly you prefer to be on your back, though.  May was also the month that mom taught her last day of piano lessons so she has more time and flexibility with you in the evenings and to do photography. You have actually simplified our lives a lot in the midst of making them more complicated, and we love everything about you and everything you have taught us so far!  xoxo

end of may

2 thoughts on “May – 366 – Letter To My Son

  1. Nicki

    we what a lovely blog. You write so well .Blog is on my to do list, well done for making time.

    1. Aw, thank you Nicki! It certainly does take up a bit of time, but honestly only about an hour a week if I include all the editing and if I stayed on top of it which I don’t, haha :P.

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