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Sep 03 / 2021

M&J Wedding | Mission & Deroche Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom standing on a dock by lake and mountains at sunset

I honestly don’t think I could have arranged a more beautiful wedding than these two did. After driving an hour out into the wilderness (I joke… kind of) we reached a little lakeside town full of B&B’s. The wedding took place in the backyard of a family friend and what an amazing backyard it was! A giant willow tree with a wooden swing, Edison lights strung all around, and of course it backed immediately onto a peaceful lake and mountain range.

With Covid, weddings are still fairly small and intimate, and I love watching the interactions of friends and family in these smaller ceremonies. Some clients are just clients, but with some I want to be adopted into their friend circle! This wedding felt like the latter. It was a truly perfect day and evening <3. Here are a few highlights!

guests mingling at backyard wedding
guest laughing at backyard wedding
close up of eddison lights as wedding decor
close up of guest helping organize people at backyard wedding
sign at wedding to honor guests that have passed away
wedding guest crying at memorial sign
groom hugging his father
father walking bride down the aisle
groom seeing his bride for the first time
groom shaking father-in-law's hand and hugging
close up of parents at wedding smiling
pull back of bride, groom, and wedding party in backyard wedding under willow tree with river in background
close up of bride, groom, and officiant with river in the background
groom reading vows to bride holding mic
bride crying during groom's vows
bride and groom first kiss with lake in the background
bride and groom just married and smiling as they leave walking down the aisle
men holding groom like a log and smiling at the camera
bride punching ground like Thor with bridal party flying out behind her
close up of bride holding her bouquet
bride and groom hugging and laughing in a dried river bed in forest
bride and groom sitting on park bench and looking at each other
bride and groom looking at each other on beach by lake and mountains
close up of groom's hands on bride's hips
bride and groom standing beside a dock and lake at sunset
bridal wedding bouquet sitting on wooden swing
pull back of tables set up for wedding reception in backyard by lake
close up of custom made drink sign and bench at wedding reception
chest of drawers used as a snack station at wedding
ladies looking at table of board games and picture albums at wedding
people laughing and conversing at table in backyard
ladies smiling and talking in backyard at wedding
people mingling in backyard during wedding
two men standing up to MC a backyard wedding
groomsman laughing and gesturing
bride and groom's grand entrance to reception
close up of seating chart with wedding reception in yard in background
wedding head table in backyard by lake with bridal party sitting at it
bride and groom dancing at sunset by lake and laughing
mother-son and father-daughter dances at wedding with guest in background in yard
bride hugging father and laughing
guest in hat clapping at wedding reception
bridal party interacting at head table
eddison lights strung up in trees
groom's parents giving speech beside lake
bride and groom laughing at head table
groom and bride hugging parents
father of bride giving speech at lake's edge
close up of wedding guest
bride hugging maid of honour at head table at wedding
apple pie sitting on dessert plates
scenic shot of lake at sunset
pull back of backyard wedding venue under trees and lights
groom and bride giving speech with focus on groom's sister
black and white image of bride and groom giving speech under trees and lights

One thought on “M&J Wedding | Mission & Deroche Wedding Photographer

  1. Deysy Jacome

    Felicidades contraparte favorita . Amé tus fotos, cada día más hermosa !!! Te deseo toda la felicidad del mundo, te la mereces!! Amo verte feliz !!!!

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