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Feb 22 / 2015

Morgan Maternity Shoot

by Laura

Category : Maternity


Yesterday I had the privilege of photographing one of my dearest friends, Tara, and her husband, Paul, who will be welcoming their first daughter into the world in just six short weeks!  We arrived Stanley Park just before noon and had about an hour before it was time to pack up and head over to her amazing baby shower.

Photography at noon is a definite challenge on a bright sunny day (and I don’t recommend it if you can avoid it), but my husband came along as my assistant and also acted as my “human light stand” since we needed to break out the off-camera-flash for all but two of the photos to counteract the bright sun.

Before you see their photos, there is something you need to know about these dear friends of mine.  They have a tremendous sense of humour.  You know all those poses you see on Pinterest with the hearts on bellies, etc.?  They wanted to make sure they got in a good number of “mocking” photos of any such things, since that style is entirely NOT them.  We even took a photo, that I didn’t include here, where my friend wanted to look as pregnant, tired, and huge as possible (not in the cute way).  The closest one to a “normal” photograph (bottom, middle) was where I asked them to “look down”, and they looked in opposite directions on purpose!  I had to coax them into the “correct” pose below.  Honestly, if they weren’t my good friends, and if I didn’t know we were planning to do a fair amount of “mocking” shots in advance, I may have strangled them ;).  That being said, these initial shots are so them, and they are awesome for that reason.


Okay, now for the more “traditional shots”.  Silliness aside, both Tara and I wanted some nice memorable photos from the day.  We still tried to keep the emphasis mostly on “family photo” poses and downplayed the maternity aspect, just incorporating the “bump” into the family 🙂





And last, but not least, we needed at least a few that really were all about baby girl and her beautiful mama!


Seriously, I hope I look this cute pregnant one day!


Can’t wait to meet the newest Morgan and see if she’s as awesome as her mom and dad.  I’m sure she will be 🙂


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