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Sep 19 / 2022

N Family | Langley Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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parents leaning over toddler boy playing in the river and kissing

This photoshoot started like any other. We decided to move it up a few days to beat the rain that was coming in the forecast, but thankfully had it far enough along in the week that lots of the forest fire smoke had dissipated. We started over at my usual field and did most of the shoot there. Then we decided to just pop down by the water on the way home, and I’m SO glad we did! There was enough clouds in the sky from the impending rains to create drama (even if it did rob us of golden hour in the field), and there was enough smoke in the sky to colour it pink. And to make the end of the shoot even BETTER, the family didn’t care at all that their toddler plopped right down in the river, overalls and all! Letting go of your idea of the “perfect photo” is often when the magic truly happens. PS – zero Photoshop was used with these skies!

mom holding toddler son who is smiling at the camera with a field in the background
asian family holding toddler and laughing in field
mom holding toddler boy who is rubbing his eyes
toddler boy holding onto mom's dress and looking directly at the camera
toddler boy smiling at dog with parents on a blanket in a field
little boy in brown overalls walking in a field
asian couple sitting on a white blanket about to kiss surrounded by tall field grass
asian father with toddler son being held in his arms smiling in field
asian family sitting on a blanket in a field with toddler boy and dog
father kissing toddler boy's cheek
toddler boy petting dog with parents on a blanket
close up of dog with red bone collar in field
dad playing with toddler boy sitting in the water with sunset
toddler boy with huge smile splashing in river with clothes on
mom and dad watching toddler boy splash in the river with clothes on
mom playing with toddler boy in the river at sunset
black and white image of toddler boy splashing in the river with clothes on
toddler boy sitting in river with clothes on at sunset while mom stands nearby
couple about to kiss with river and sunset behind them
family sitting on a log at sunset with river and smokey skies behind them
couple nose to nose by the river in the sunset with toddler boy sitting in water at their feet
family standing watching the sunset alongside a river with pet dog

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