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May 14 / 2024

N & H Wedding | Vancouver Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom at night in a gazebo with northern lights in the background

What a weekend we just had! It started Thursday night with this lovely couple at their Mehndi ceremony in Vancouver. Their family did amazing performances for them, and the real treat was the groom being a professional singer! This was, naturally, quite a late night. Then the following evening, as I was climbing into bed, social media blew up about the Northern Lights being visible all over the province this weekend, so of course I ran outside, and sure enough, there they were! I attempted to get out to the lake to get some good images of them, but about 2000 other people had the same idea. A 30-minute drive there and back turned into a 3-hour ordeal (though I did see lights!). Another 2am bedtime for me. This was followed by the couple’s wedding ceremony day which was also amazing, though hair-raising as I had some car issues. Nothing major, but Nick had to drive an hour each way to swap cars with me in the middle of the day on the side of the highway. All in all, it was eventful! Congratulations to these two who are currently in Spain (so jealous!). I can’t wait to hear all about it. In the interim, I’m making this little sneak peek for them :).

Groom holding "team groom" sign on couch at Mehndi ceremony
bride entering the hall for the Mehndi ceremony
groom's mother performing blessing of money during Mehndi ceremony
parents of bride performing Mehndi ceremony
groom singing and performing for his bride after Mehndi ceremony
dance performances after Mehndi ceremony
close up of henna and jewelry on bride's hand
black and white portrait of briden shot during getting ready with partial reflection
bride getting ready and looking over her shoulder at camera, shot through a chandelier
bride and groom about to kiss with greenery in background
bride and groom holding hands and laughing while they walk down a gravel path
bride and groom with petals raining down on them in forest
bride and groom with foreheads touching and veil in foreground
bride and groom hoding each other under archway in Sendall Gardens
wide shot of wedding reception venue in glass solarium
head table at wedding reception with large tall floral arrangements
bride being walked down the aisle by her parents with veil covering her face
bride and groom sitting for wedding ceremony in white gazebo in full sun
groom taking the veil off his bride's face after wedding ceremony
mothers of the bride and groom hugging after wedding ceremony
four-tiered wedding cake with gold icing and roses
bride and groom entrance into reception venue while he holds a mic to sing
groom singing bride a song during wedding reception
groom kissing bride on the cheek after singing her a song during wedding reception
bride with sunset behind her listening to reception speeches
wedding guest giving speech at the reception
groom's niece singing and playing piano during reception
bride and groom cutting cake during wedding reception
close up of top tier of wedding cake with bokeh lights in the background
bride and groom's first dance on LED glass dance floor with pyrotechnics going off in foreground
bride and groom with lit up reception venue behind them at night
bride and groom partially silhouetted against reception venue outside at night shot through lights
bride and groom posing outside at night with twinkle light bokeh in foreground
wedding guests kids dancing at reception on LED glass dance floor
wedding guest dancing at reception
wedding guests dancing at reception on LED glass dance floor
motion blur of wedding guests dancing at reception
motion blur of wedding guests dancing at reception
bride and groom dancing at wedding reception with LED glass dance floor
groom dancing at wedding reception

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