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Nov 21 / 2017

O. Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families


This mama and her family braved one of the coldest, wettest, windiest weekends of the year so far as we headed downtown for her photos.  Let me take a minute to tell you a little bit about her.

Without this woman I would have never found my village, my tribe of mothers.  Back when I had my first child, I barely knew her, but she was the one texting me at the hospital during the complications to help me through them.  She was the one showing up at my doorstep with groceries and helpful nursing / pumping tips.  She was the one that was always checking in and introduced me to a whole family of like-minded, non-judgmental mamas.

It has been amazing watching her journey as well from being surprised with twin girls shortly after purchasing a ONE-bedroom condo, and now to learning and growing through her son’s hearing loss.  Motherhood was never what I would describe as “easy” for her when you look things from the outside like that.  But, friends, you would never know it if you met her.  She is the type of person that you can honestly say, “If anyone can handle that, it would be her”.  She is the type of person that you feel like you can stop pretending around. She’s a safe place for your messy and your real.  She is an inspiration, and it is a privilege to journey beside her and to get to document a bit of her wonderful crazy!


6 thoughts on “O. Family | Coquitlam Family Photographer

  1. Clara

    I’m very proud of my beautiful girl, and the wonderful woman she has grown into. I am also happy that she has this awesome guy she is married to. I had told her, her whole life that she would have twins, she said I had cursed her when she found out she was having twins, lol. Sometimes a Mom just knows these things. My grand girls and grandson mean the world to me as does she and my son in law. It’s hard being 3000 miles apart.

    1. She is a pretty special woman! At least we have social media and photos to make the distance seem smaller these days <3.

  2. Joy Erdile

    I love this family and can’t say enough about Laura having captured them perfectly!!

  3. Sue

    My darling grandaughter and grandson, Dan (cause he calls me Grandma), and the beautiful great grand babies are such a beautiful family. They are a joy and a blessing to all who know them, especially me and Gramps.

    1. And I know for a fact that they think pretty highly of you too <3. I've never met you, but I've heard good things!

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