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Oct 16 / 2015

October 15 on the 15th for 2015 | Baby Gender “Reveal”

by Laura

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So, I’m cheating a little bit for this “15” post since all 15 photos were taken within about 15 seconds of each other ;).  Today is the day that we finally opened the envelope that has been sitting on our kitchen counter for the last week and a bit with our baby’s gender inside it!  A friend from church graciously offered to meet us at the dollar store and take our box inside to fill it with balloons.  I handed her the envelope and the box, and waited outside with Nick while she told the store clerk what colour of balloons we would need.

As we stood there waiting, a small child wandered out of the store with a balloon that could have been one of ours.  I won’t say whether it was a girl child with a blue balloon, or a boy child with a pink balloon, but it struck us both odd that they chose the colour they did, and we secretly wondered if the surprise was spoiled and they were given a balloon at the same time that ours were being filled.

We drove over to the park where we met up with another friend who graciously offered to sit there and hold down the camera button for us (literally as it was all set up on a tripod, but it needed someone to rapidly fire the shutter while we discovered who our child is)!  Below is the progression 🙂



And yes, if you’re wondering – the kid we saw leaving the dollar store totally was given one of our balloons ;).  And no, I can’t tell you what colour they were – yet.  I didn’t spend all that time colouring them to a black and white conversion just to give it away that easily.  But stay tuned, and eventually you will find out 😀

Lastly, don’t forget to head over to my friend Jennifer’s blog to see pictures of her adorable kiddo for her 15 on the 15th, too!

5 thoughts on “October 15 on the 15th for 2015 | Baby Gender “Reveal”

    1. admin

      Hehe ;). And thanks! I’m not going to lie – my friend told me what to wear and gave me clothes. I’m really not that stylish in real life!

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