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Nov 04 / 2017

October 2017 DITL (Day In The Life) | Thanksgiving

by Laura

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Thanksgiving morning started very early on my way to a shoot with the most beautiful sunrise and fog spreading across the fields.  I grabbed us some coffees and headed over to the river which we found was still blanketed in fog that made for some very cool photos!  After the shoot was over, I headed back home to entertain the boys while Nick got some work done.

I decided it was time to break out the window markers I had stashed away, but quickly realized that we aren’t quite there yet!  They write on windows as well as stain skin!  And I’m really not sure what they would do to furniture as we didn’t get that far, but they will be going back in the box until Micah is a bit older!

After the boys went down for their naps and daddy finished work, we prepared our family Christmas boxes, tucking a name anonymously into each one.  We are in charge of organizing the gift exchange for the immediate family this year so everyone picked a box and filled it with stuff for the name written inside.  We brought them over to the Grandparents’ to hand out as everyone but one sister/auntie was there.  I’m still so curious who got Micah’s box as he’s really the only “kid” in the family which makes shopping extra fun.

When we arrived at the Grandparents’, Levi was fast asleep, so we tucked him away upstairs to continue napping while Micah ramped up the energy for all the people (aka his audience).  Levi woke up in time for Thanksgiving lunch but fell asleep again before we left for a family walk to the park.  Grandpa and Great Uncle stayed behind to chat and babysit while the rest of us headed out.

We got back just in time for Levi to wake up and, while everyone gathered around the table for leftovers and a board game, Grandma introduced him to his very first solids (banana).  To say he loved it would be an understatement!  Shortly thereafter, we popped the boys into playpens to go to sleep so the grownups could play for a while and then transferred them into the car later that evening to take them home to bed <3

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