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Jun 02 / 2023

P. Family | Vancouver Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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three little girls holding hands and doing ring-around-the-rosie

I had the privilege of photographing this littlest one’s baptism and my how she’s grown in such a short time! These parents basically have the girl version of craziness at home and we have the boy version. Don’t worry, I let them know that even just 1.5 years more makes ALL the difference in the level of insanity. The hardest years are now for them at with a 2 and 4 year old still! That being said, these girls were a delight to work with and it was such an enjoyable shoot. We did have a knee scrape fairly early on that made it tougher for the tiniest one, but I caught all the little smiles in between the tears <3. And of course I included a photo or two with the bandaid because that wouldn’t be real life otherwise! We were also battling with the harsh sun since our venue didn’t open til 10am and we shot up til close to lunch time, but my little assistant (the oldest girl) helped me find all the best shade pockets throughout Van Dussen Gardens – she’s hired!

mom with three young daughters all in matching dresses smiling for the camera on a forest path
young girl reaching up to get a closer look at blossoms
little girl running up to her parents for a hug
little girl holding small daisy out towards the camera
dad lifting young daughter up into the air above his head
young girl being held in her mom's arms giving mom a kiss on the cheek while mom smiles at the camera
three little girls in matching dressing packing daisies together
toddler girl with bandaid on her knee running across grass
young girl holding up a handful of buttercups for the camera
toddler girl tripping and falling at top of stairs with bum in the air
family dressed up for photos picking small daisies together in a lawn
dad kissing toddler daughter on the cheek while she smiles at the camera
couple hugging and smiling at each other under trees
toddler girl in white dress smiling for the camera while walking down cement stairs
family with three little girls walking down a garden path with youngest girl peeking over her mom's shoulder

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