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Jun 04 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 145 – 153)

by Laura

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Where has the last nine days gone!?  Sometimes time seems to fly by so quickly it leaves me wondering what happened when and how we got to today!  I’m so thankful for this 365 project which leaves me a little remnant of each day so that it isn’t forgotten, or doesn’t blend too thoroughly into the mundaneness / hectic-ness of living!
Sunday, May 25, is already slipping from my mind.  I remember eating almost that entire loaf of sourdough bread by myself accompanied by Lipton soup.  This tells me that Nick wasn’t home because I wouldn’t be subsisting off of bread and soup alone if he was around.  I also remember almost spilling the soup in my bed.  Thus, I’m fairly certain that I spent… oh no – I got it now.  I spent the day in my pajamas working on my computer from home while watching Netflix.  Nick was at work filming an event.

Monday I remember feeling uninspired.  Whenever I feel uninspired I tend to get more creative with my shots.  I know that seems like the opposite should be true, but it’s like I try extra hard to make up for my lack of ideas.  This also was the shot that I submitted into our monthly 365 competition for “dramatic light” sponsored by ClickinMoms.

Tuesday I was tired.  I remember how tired I felt because I didn’t even have enough energy to venture more than 3 feet from the bed to take this shot after work.  I noticed how tattered Nick’s jeans were and promptly asked him to take them off so I could shoot them since they looked kind of cool.  He’s very patient with my sometimes ridiculous requests!

Wednesday I was not feeling well at all.  I barely survived work (but had to stay all day as the meeting was super important or else I would have gone home).  I was SO thankful my students that night moved their lessons to the following week (of their own accord, too!).  I came home absolutely wrecked to find Nick had dragged our queen-sized mattress into the living room in front of the t.v. for me so I could watch shows, and ordered us pizza (for him) and chicken wings (dairy free – for me).  What a keeper he is!

Thursday I had a piano practice date with a friend of mine who is playing a duet with me at my students’ recital in mid-June.  We are finally starting to get it together, and it doesn’t sound like a bunch of noise.  Hopefully we can get a couple more practices in before the 15th!

Friday I had a LONG-standing date with a girl from church.  We’ve been trying to get together for months, and it finally happened.  She is a pianist as well, so we made some dinner, hung out, and she helped me learn some improvising techniques.  I also taught my first online photography mentoring class this night, and it was super fun!

Saturday I had the opportunity to be a second-shooter for a friend of mine at my first wedding gig.  He is kindly letting me use all my own shots for my portfolio, so here’s just a sneak peek 🙂

Sunday was our Life Group (small group at church) Summer wrap-up.  Nick went to church in the morning as he was on the video team for both services, but I crashed and died after such a long week.  I got up around lunch and we headed out to Abbotsford for an afternoon of mini-golf and go-karting.  Well… I just took pictures of the go-karts.  I had no desire to speed around a tiny track in a plastic car.  Nick on the other hand….

Monday night after teaching, I asked Nick if we could go buy some chicken wings.   Partially because I wanted chicken wings for dinner and partially because I didn’t have a photo yet, and the grocery store seemed more interesting than my house.  I was not disappointed!  We ended up finally eating at almost 10pm, and I think we’ve started a bad habit, since today it’s now almost 9pm and neither of us are hungry yet….

Hopefully this week won’t run away on me quite so quickly, but if it does, see you in a bit!

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