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Aug 11 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 217 – 222)

by Laura

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Tuesday, August 5th, I was looking back through my photos from this project so far and feeling pleased that, as a whole, they really do seem to represent our lives in 2014.  This was always my intent – to have a daily photo journal of the year.  I found a picture of Bacon from back at the beginning of the year and realized that I didn’t have one of his replacement – Firefly.  Who doesn’t want to document how many fish she goes through in a one-year period, right?!
Wednesday, after work we had dinner with old coworkers and friends of ours and I shot this on the trip home.  I’m enjoying having Wednesdays off in the evenings, but am excited to have my students return come September as well.


Thursday, I just had one piano student and then headed over to set up some head shots for a client.  Nick was my stand-in to get my lighting right while I waited for him to show up.

Friday, I didn’t have any piano students so, after work, I edited the head shots from the previous day and then headed over to meet a friend at the Night Market.  We ate weird stuff like BBQ squid and I bought socks because they were only $1 a pair.  (I’m uninteresting and practical light that at any sort of flea market).  Her daughter Haillie came along with us, and was a trooper 🙂






Saturday, instead of getting to sleep in, I was off to a wedding with Nick.  I wasn’t shooting as I was hired to help with logistics and paperwork instead that day, but it was actually a relaxing change!

Sunday, in an ideal world, would have been sleep-catch-up day.  Instead, we both got up for the early church service as Nick had to train a new video camera operator and I was meeting with a friend.  We were supposed to go home and nap after the last service, but instead we ordered pizza and chicken wings, lounged around, and generally felt exhausted.  We also both wrapped up some video and photo projects that we had outstanding.  Next weekend.  I will sleep next weekend.


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