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Aug 20 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 223 – 231)

by Laura

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I’m not going to lie, it’s getting tough to keep up with a photo for every single day.  I still haven’t missed or had to make up any, but I’m really glad we’re 231 done and only 134 to go!  I love shooting, and I love this project, but boy is it time consuming to think of new ideas and edit/upload these all.  Not to mention it’s just “one more thing” on the back of my mind every day.
Monday, August 11th, it was a really hot summer night.  I wasn’t sure what to shoot, so I wandered out on the deck.  I don’t know why I feel more comfortable looking for subjects after the sun has set.  Maybe it’s because I leave this project until last minute most days so I’m just used to it!  This is the view from the side of our deck looking towards the city centre.

Tuesday, August 12th, I got smart and threw my camera in my bag to take to work.  I grabbed this on the skytrain coming home from a hospital that I don’t usually work out of, but happened to be at for the day.  You would think I would bring my camera with me more often for inspiration, as I always find some when I bother to!

Wednesday, popsicles were on sale.

Nick (coming up to me in the cashier line and peering into the basket):  “You bought THREE boxes?!”
Me:  “Yes, they’re 50% off.”
Nick:  “50% off?  I’m getting three more!”

Wednesday was also date night – i.e. we didn’t work in the evening, and we watched a movie together.  We also made some semblance of a dinner.  Then I promptly fell asleep at 9pm.  I rock at date nights….

Thursday, I set up and tested the flash modifier I had picked up on the way home the previous day.  It’s been on my “to buy” list for over a year now.  I finally HAD to get one since I was doing head shots for a client the next night and didn’t have access to a studio.  Once I had dismantled our living room, turned it into a makeshift studio, and got the light the way I liked it, I called it a night and instructed Nick to not touch anything.  I’m pretty sure he had to climb over a couch to get into the office that night.

Friday, a friend came over and we chatted for about an hour and a half before getting down to work.  She is teaching a music school this Fall and they required professional head shots for their website.   I was more than happy to help out!  She is absolutely gorgeous:

Saturday, I had so many little things I wanted to do, but I did none of them.  I ate food.  I watched Netflix.  I slept.  I got hit with the BIGGEST migraine of my life.  I was so thankful to still have T-3s in the pantry from when I had my wisdom teeth out the year prior.  Didn’t need to take them for the teeth.  Definitely took the maximum dose for the headache!

Sunday, we quickly drove out to a local farm to grab a flat of blueberries.  However, I’m really kind of picky about blueberries.  If they’re even the tiniest bit soft, I won’t eat them.  Thus, we got a little way-laid running out to the fields to pick our own.  The entire bucket was less than $8.00 and we probably ate at least 1/3rd of a bucket while picking.  Mmmmm….  We’re already half done the pail and it’s only Tuesday, though 🙁

Monday night we lounged around and watched t.v. after I finished teaching and Nick wrapped up an edit.  And of course, we worked on our massive haul of popsicles.  I think we… okay, “I”, have consumed almost 4 boxes already.  What?  I was home all day on Saturday.  Nick left me alone in the house with them.  It couldn’t be helped.  They’re real fruit… Don’t judge me!

Tuesday, today, I’ve been home alone all evening.  Nick is out gaming with some guys, and I only had one student due to my other one calling in sick right before her lesson.  I’ve managed to catch up on my 365 and the blog world.  I’ve also managed to half clean the fish tank – which I started doing about 1.5 hours ago.  Time to go finish the job I suppose….


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