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Sep 11 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 247 – 252: Summer Adventure Recaps)

by Laura

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Friday, my husband took me on The Most Amazing surprise date!  I won’t elaborate more here as I wrote an entire blog post just about the awesome experience, and if you’re interested, you can check it out HERE.

Saturday I was hired to shoot my very first Romanian baptism.  I read a little about it beforehand to be prepared and heard that it was “like shooting a wedding”.  I was skeptical, but it really was!  It was an almost two-hour ceremony full of intricacies and emotional moments.  You can see more pictures if you like on my business page HERE.

Sunday was my brother-in-law’s birthday, and he happens to be going to school this year about an hour from us.  After Nick finished some work at the church in the morning, we headed out to the Valley.  On our way we stopped to try and do one last blueberry picking trip, but unfortunately they were all rotten and on the ground.  We did enjoy exploring a different farm than usual and picked up some delicious treats at the little store for our anniversary later next month.  After that we headed out for a swim and some dinner with his brother.  I chose the wagon shot as my “officially daily” for Sunday.


Monday was a very busy day.  I worked at the office, and came home to two regular piano students and one new one.  He is a work friend of ours in the film industry so he stayed and chatted for a bit after and I used that time to actually make a big pot of chili which is not something we usually take time for!  After he left I got back to work editing the baptism photos from Saturday.  (I had already been editing on the train and during my lunch break, as well, as they ordered over 100 photos, and the colour casts were horrible in the brightly painted church.  They specifically requested no black and white photos, so I had to spend a lot of time getting skin tones to look half decent).
Tuesday, I continued to power through editing photos on my lunch break, during my train commute, and after piano students.  I finally finished them all and sent the gallery off for approval to the family.  The good news?  They loved them and had no revisions!

Wednesday, after work I headed out to an adjacent city to teach two piano students and had Nick pick me up to cut my commute home in half.  On the way back we used Mobile Bandit to search for coupons and found a two-for-one deal at Quiznos.  We grabbed some stools by the front window and munched away at our subs in the sunshine before heading home to get ready to almost immediately head out again to Life Group (bible study) that is now back on it’s regular Fall schedule.  That night was the kick off, so we reconnected with everyone, had some snacks, and then headed home to sleep.


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