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Nov 17 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 313 – 319)

by Laura

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Sunday, November 9th, I spent the day catching up on editing and paperwork, but made a quick trip to the Dollar Store for some fun props.  I picked up some confetti and glitter, and waited for Nick to get home from set.  When he eventually came home, I instructed him to lay on a black sheet on the floor and proceeded to dump all the sparkles everywhere.  We grabbed this photo and then started to clean up.  However, I noticed we had two tubes of glitter we didn’t use (the ugly colours).  I’m not a crafty person, and knew it would just sit around taking up space, so I popped the lid off one and threw one at him.  He was a little stunned and started to brush it off, when I threw the last one at him as well.  Then it was ON.  We were both a glittery mess by the time the glitter fight ended and now our ENTIRE house has glitter all over it that no amount of cleaning is going to fully remove.



Monday, I was home alone for most of the evening after teaching, so I decided to use our living room floor for another shot.  (I’m putting extra effort into these dailies still because of the class I’m enrolled in).  I put on a summer dress (in my FREEZING house), and took some selfies.  Afterwards, I left my living room furniture in it’s state of disarray, and ran for my warm bed and p.j.s.  I didn’t have to worry about an early bedtime so could stay up watching shows until Nick got home as Tuesday was a holiday at the office.



Tuesday, we slept in a bit and then headed out to Chilliwack to pick up our annual 1/4 cow and box of chickens from a local farm there.  Nick came with me since we hadn’t seen each other much lately and we made a bit of a trip out of it.  My photography assignment this week is to find new locations to shoot that are within 5 miles of your house, so when we got close to home, I had him pull over and quickly model for me by a cool textured wall and bright door that I would have never noticed before if I hadn’t been deliberately looking for something unique.  Afterwards, I put all the meat away while Nick grabbed 20 minutes of rest before heading out the door for the night to finish his shoot.  My work day started about an hour later than his, so I grabbed a nap, and then settled in for a few hours of teaching.



Wednesday, was Bible study night, but I was feeling a bit sick and knew that I had an EXTREMELY early shift at work on Saturday, so I stayed home.  Nick was just about to leave, so I grabbed a quick snap of him on the stairs before he was gone to satisfy my daily.  However, we decided that 3 hours on Tuesday of spending time with each other in the car really wasn’t enough to cover an entire week, and we really missed each other a lot.  So he stayed and watched t.v. with me for a couple of hours before I fell asleep and we both played hooky.  (I know it looks like we see each other all the time because of all the photos together, but there’s a reason they’re all at night and why I couldn’t ask friends to model for me instead.  Most of them are grabbed at some obscene hour or another while we pass each other like ships in the night).



Thursday, we actually DID have time together.  A student needing to move their lesson later cut into it a bit which was rather annoying, but we actually made dinner together, and took some time for me to go shoot my class assignment outside, and then watched some t.v.  (We watch a lot of t.v., I know).  It was so nice to have those few hours together.



Friday, I was determined to go to bed on time.  There was a worship team event at church, but I skipped it because I knew my 4:00am (which actually turned out to be like 3:15am because I couldn’t fall back asleep) wake-up call was coming.  I taught my one student, made hamburgers quickly so Nick could eat and run, and then said goodbye.  However, again, we both ended up playing hooky at the last minute.  Nick’s sick and also had to be at a large wedding all day on Saturday, so we both just went to bed early after relaxing a bit.  I didn’t really have it in me to get creative with my shot that day, so I grabbed a quick snap of the oh-so-lovely shirt I would be wearing while at the hospital on Saturday so I can be easily recognized as “Go Live Support”.



Saturday, I unfortunately work up around 3:15am, and couldn’t fall back asleep.  Getting up at 4am wasn’t actually that hard, though.  I was out the door by 4:40 and grabbed my coworker who lives near me and had the same start time I did.  We were on our way by 4:45am (he lives REALLY close).  The coffee shop I had planned to caffeinate myself at was closed, so we ended up arriving early at 5:30 instead of 6am.  We played a quick game of Dutch Blitz with the team coming off the graveyard shift and then settled in to walk the halls and man the phones.  I spent 6am to 2pm watching the phones.  They rang twice and my coworker answered both times.  Then I spent 2pm to 10pm walking the floors of an almost abandoned hospital.  No real emergencies.  Everything seemed to be working properly with the launch of the new software program, which was great.  The only downside to my day was the wave of utter tiredness that hit me right before 11:00am.  I was only 7 hours in and crashing already.  Thankfully, the project supplied a ton of free candy, snacks, and coffee, so that got me through the day.  When I was off at 10pm, I contacted Nick to see where he was at with the wedding and they were just finishing, so I drove over to pick him up and we headed home.

I had brought my camera bag with me to the hospital because I knew we wouldn’t get home until after midnight, and I would need a daily.  There were so many abandoned halls around the hospital with it being so dead on the weekend, that I couldn’t help but play a little while doing my rounds ;).  I grabbed a colleague to help me out because I didn’t have any stands or tripods with me to attempt a selfie!  She’s done some modelling and was more than happy to accommodate.  We nonchalantly waited for the security guard to walk by, and then threw off our bright orange shirts, turned off as many lights as we could find, and did a quick shoot in this long corridor.



2 thoughts on “Photography 365 Project: (Days 313 – 319)

  1. yay I can still comment on here!! For once I am familiar with most of these photos before you posted them.

    I hope the end of the 365 doesnt mean less photos or I will have to start counting down with a heavy heart (while you cant WAIT!!)

    1. admin

      Yes! Thank you for letting me know I had that functionality turned off!!

      Haha, that’s true, Claire! You’ll probably see 90% of my November dailies before they hit the blog since we’re in the workshop together :). The end of the 365 will probably mean less pictures, yes. However, I’ve set up a blog circle with a few friends and we’re going to be doing 15 on the 15th for 2015. And then just my usual blogging and client shoots will now be on here regularly too :).

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