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Feb 11 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 36 – 42)

by Laura

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Is it possible that last week already seems like a month ago?  I look back on these photos and they don’t seem recent to me, yet they are.
Last Wednesday (or Tuesday late afternoon to be precise) I found out my only coworker is being taken away until the Fall to work on a project.  My work load just doubled, which is doable, but… I sure miss her.  Add to this, the skytrain breaking down that day making me late for all my evening lessons on my busiest teaching night and Nick getting stranded in the cold for a while due to a car / communication mix up, and Wednesday was not my favourite:

Thursday it was so cold my hands would turn red within seconds if I didn’t keep them deep inside my pockets.  BUT I did have a lovely walk back from a remote training location at work and even got home a little early that day, which is a rare bonus.  We used the extra time to pick up a few new friends for Bacon:

On Thursday night, one of Bacon’s new friends didn’t quite make it, so we headed back to the fish store on Friday to replace the little guy.  And boy, do I have a story for you.  Bacon decided to attempt suicide that night with a flying leap out of his tank.  You can read about his dramatic rescue HERE:

On Saturday, I left Bacon under Nick’s watchful eye while I headed down to the States for a photography lesson / hang out with a friend.  Nick had a handful of guys over for games, so it worked out well.  These next three pictures are from the long weekend, which you can read about HERE if you like:


And lastly, today.  Tuesday.  Which feels very much like Monday after the extended weekend.  I’ve been super busy flying solo at work and also squeezing in some errands over lunch.  I had to pick up and mail out a prize for the winner of January’s daily photo competition in the group I’m running that is doing this 365 project with me.  And I was very good, and didn’t buy any for myself 😉


And now, I have a lot of work sitting on my desk, and lunch ended 5 minutes ago, so I’m signing out 🙂

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