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Apr 02 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 85 – 91)

by Laura

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Wednesday Nick was feeling pretty rough.  This is the second time in all the years that I’ve known him, that I’ve seen him get this sick.  Some late night tea after Life Group to still the coughing was in order:

Thursday I was really starting to feel it, too.  I taught all morning at work, and spent a couple hours at my desk, but I was home and asleep by 4pm.  After a nap and some aspirin and I was feeling a bit better later in the evening, but not so much for Nick….

Friday Nick picked me up from a friend’s home after work in order for me to make it home in time for the video team meeting at our place that evening.  (Not that I’m a part of the video team – I just wanted to be there for the food, ha!).  I was walking along the road waiting for him to pull up, but found myself under a tree in a sudden, unexpected downpour a few minutes later.  Once it cleared, the weather was quite ominous and foreboding, and looked like this as we neared home:

Saturday was worship practice.  While everyone heading down stairs for pizza, I quickly slipped behind Nick’s drum set to grab a photo.  This weekend relied pretty heavily on the piano, which stresses me out, but also makes it that much more fun.  Playing with Nick also makes it awesome and our favourite sound guy was on that weekend too.  I may have ended up laughing so hard I started crying when we were supposed to be paying attention during practice.

Sunday I took a photo of our “kids”.  The competition theme for my 365 group for March is “a-day-in-the-life” and I wanted this particular shot for the collage I was making.  Sunday afternoon Nick had a work meeting, but I laid on rug in front of the fire and worked on homework for the photography class I’m currently doing.  It was wonderful and the most relaxed I’d felt all week.

The finished collage looked like this:

Monday night after teaching was done, Nick and I spent a couple hours on the couch each working on our own hobbies and watching Netflix.  After a super long day at work, and 4 students that night, it was a much needed reprieve:

Tuesday was a pretty typical day except that we had an orientation for a project at work that made it so I got home a little later.  I spent most of the evening after my piano students left working on the “golden triangle” rule for my photography course homework.  This shot is a little bit of a “snap shot” in nature.  It’s grainy, the overhead lighting is poor, and Nick has a bed frame going through his head.  Oh, and if you didn’t notice, there’s an awkwardly placed bear.  BUT it fits the “golden triangle” rule.  So, that was hard enough on it’s own!

In case you’re wondering what that is, it looks like this:

A strong diagonal line implied (by their heads), with four triangles, and subjects placed where the triangles intersect.  Not so easy to do without a stuffed bear or two 😉

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