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Apr 10 / 2014

Photography 365 Project: (Days 86 – 99)

by Laura

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Well, I guess I’m a couple days late posting this week.  Between my current online photography course, being sick, and changes at work, I’ve been pretty busy.  So busy, in fact, that our vacation crept up on me and is suddenly one week away today!  Very excited.  Here’s a little glimpse at the hectic previous week.
Wednesday, I made dinner of whatever I could find in the fridge (eggs and toast works for me!) and combined it with my homework assignment to shoot spirals.  It’s a little more involved that that, of course, that that’s the gist of it.  The round frying pan did the trick, once I cropped it to fit the overlay we were matching up with.  Then I cleaned up the house and went to bed.  Nick came home later in the evening to help me finish cleaning.  He had to work that night and I was home so late from teaching (since he had the car) that we both didn’t end up going to Life Group.  

Thursday I ran out in the rain during my lunch break to quickly complete another homework assignment.  This time I found the spiral in the front area of these buildings.  It comes in from the bottom right edge, follows the stairs around and ends on the trees.  It’s not exactly the most inspired photo….

I feel like I should give more of a visual of what I’m talking about, so here are the pics darkened with the spiral overlays:

Friday I was supposed to go out for dinner with a co-worker, but I was coming down with something, so I immediately got home, put on the warmest thing I could find, took this picture, and then crawled into bed:

Saturday I was all out-sick.  I didn’t even leave bed to take my photo.  I think I went through an entire roll of toilette paper and multiple packs of Halls.

Sunday I still felt pretty sick, but I was booked to shoot a birthday party that afternoon, so I pulled myself together and went out for a few hours.  I came home right after and spent the rest of the night in bed editing the shoot:

Monday was a typical day at work, followed by teaching, followed by a late-night homework assignment.  Nick was also working late into the night to try and get on top of all the work he has to do before we leave next week.  I think we both finished around 11:30pm and watched a quick show.  (We stay up way too late…).

My homework assignment was to create a portfolio and host it on-line.  It was kind of a hack job, and I didn’t manage to label any of my files properly, but here’s the temporary end result:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/120409901@N02/sets/72157643683678365/

Tuesday I had just enough energy after work and teaching to lay on the floor and take a super, uncreative photo of my shoes.  I think I was still getting over my sickness from the weekend and the late night on Monday:

Wednesday I was teaching down in the adjacent city again.  It wasn’t my usual week to do this, but since one of the families was going on holidays next week, this was their make-up lesson.  Nick was working down town and couldn’t pick me up, so I had to take the sky train / bus home which made me super late for Life Group.  Missing the first train on purpose to grab this shot also didn’t help….  Nor did stopping at Burger King on the way, but I have learned that staying out til after 10:30pm combined with skipping dinner makes me way too grumpy, so it was a necessary delay.

And today, I haven’t taken my photo yet.  I have a couple back-up ones on my camera that I grabbed on my way to pick up lunch in case nothing better comes along, but I think I’ll wait because they’re pretty lame.

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