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Photography Courses

Self-Paced Course: Documenting Baby's First Year - $49

I think every parent has the best intentions of documenting their “Little One’s” first EVERYTHING, but how do we do it WELL? How do we end up with timeless images that we can return to again & again instead of 150,000 photos taking up space on our phone that we have to sift through to find our favourites? 

In Documenting Baby’s First Year, I provide YOU with helpful tips for documenting the classic shots everyone wants, as well as looking at less obvious, but more meaningful moments. We’ll explore creative ways to get everyone (including you!) in the frame, and pinpoint small changes you can make to capture your photos (even ones on your phone) and bring them to the next level. I will walk you through my full editing workflow – also sharing a behind-the- scenes shooting video on documenting my 11-month-old’s portraits, including working his siblings into the frame. I teach you how to document:

  • The Classics: Fresh Newborn Photos, Monthly Photo Sessions & The Big-One-Year and Cake-Smash
  • Memories & Milestones: Firsts & Lasts | Holidays & Traditions
  • The Overlooked Everyday: Finding Beauty in the Routine, Chaos, and Mess of Motherhood
  • Relationships: Getting Immediate and Extended Family in the Frame
  • Watch Me Edit & Motivational Assignments

You will receive:

  • 135-page downloadable e-book with audio version to listen to on the go
  • 2 editing videos
  • 1 behind-the-scenes video documenting 11-month milestone with siblings
  • 1 BONUS culling workflow video

This course will be released this Fall – contact to join the waiting list for an alert!

Self-Paced Course: Finding Balance - Tips From an ADHD Photographer - $49

Working, creative moms live a life that few others understand unless they have walked a mile in our shoes – the mental load we carry is immense! Clients, emails, editing, blogging, social media, diapers, doctor appointments, meal planning, errands, friends, community, volunteering, etc…. On top of that, be a good wife, remember self care, nap when the baby is napping (hahahaha). You never get to turn it off. It’s like a slow IV drip of adrenaline running constantly through you. How do you juggle all of this, and do it remotely WELL? How do you leave room for relationships, goals, vision, or creativity when you’re just trying to survive? 

This course does NOT have all the answers! (Bet you weren’t expecting that in the description). This course does, however, have survival tactics and what I found works for me. It was written when I was a busy mom of a 1.5, 3, and 4-year old (all also neurospicy unbeknownst to me at the time). I worked 35-50 hours a week from home with almost no child care. Through many years of trial and error, I developed some systems to navigate this season while still maintaining healthy relationships with my husband and friends. We cover:

  • Communication: with family, friends, and clients
  • Boundaries: and helpful ways to prioritize the relationships important to you
  • Time blocking: with an example of what a day-in-the-life looks like
  • Housekeeping: tips, tricks, and an amazing customizable chore chart
  • The Mental Load: and how to alleviate this while not letting balls drop
  • Client Scheduling: with tips for timely client delivery and a peek into Laura’s time-saving Session Guide for her shoots
  • Social Media Management: IG, FB, Emails, oh my!
  • Personal Photos: and how to organize, cull, edit, and even get them into a printed album without falling behind
  • External Storage: with a detailed walk through of Laura’s monthly back-up and long- term archival procedures for both personal and client work
  • BONUS – Stock Footage: in case you ever wanted a little behind-the-scenes on what submitted to stock sites looks like
  • Goals: not only creating, but modifying and achieving them

You will receive:

  • 50+ page e-book filled with beautiful images, some deep topics, and entertaining life hacks
  • 6 videos covering archiving process, backup routine, culling process, stock-footage management, organization of personal photos, and creation and maintenance of annual albums
  • An In-Design customizable chore chart for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly household tasks
  • A sample Client Session Guide sent out to streamline communication process


This course is available for download NOW! Please contact us to purchase!

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