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May 30 / 2019

S Family Ocean Shoot | Vancouver Family Photographer

by Laura

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Last weekend I got to shoot one of my favourite families! I feel like I have a lot of “favourite families” because I truly develop friendships and relationships with the people I shoot over the years, but this one is like a FAVOURITE FAVOURITE, okay? Lol.

I don’t even know where to start with the reasons why I love these guys. I mean there is the “business side” of things where I appreciate that their vision of authentic, candid photography totally matches my heart for capturing families. And, um, they’re also GORGEOUS, which doesn’t hurt. But… it’s way more than that. This mama and I had to dig alllll the way back through our messages because we couldn’t figure out how we first became friends. And honestly, it was simply because I did a family shoot for them a couple of years back. I love that it started there and grew into so much more.

When I think of this mama, I think of a pair of hands ready to grab my baby from me when I walked into church with him, chasing toddler, super pregnant, and my husband was out of the country. I think of her holding my littlest throughout the sermon. I think of her messaging me and saying, “You need to get out of the house – come to this social event with me.” She even knew how to convince the introvert in me to agree – there’s wine and food, and you can come and go whenever you want. Done!

She bought a new outfit for my third little boy when he was born. As a fellow rainbow baby mama who was familiar with my journey of healing through each pregnancy, she knew that even “just another boy” was worth spoiling with a new outfit. Also, side note, I am the QUEEN of purging and decluttering, but that outfit is tucked away in a keepsake bin in our garage indefinitely because it means the world to me. Honestly, there are so many more moments and reasons why I love her even though we hardly ever get to see each other because… life! But this blog is supposed to be about some of my favourite moments on their photoshoot. So, ahem, here we go. A few favourites from this AWESOME family:

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