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Oct 19 / 2023

S & S Wedding | Langley Wedding Photographer

by Laura

Category : Weddings

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bride and groom holding hands and spinning in a field in front of a large red barn

I did one of my favourite engagement shoots to date with these two (and their pup!) back in the Spring, and their wedding day has finally arrived. They had taken the time to build multiple locations into their schedule, and I really wanted their photos to be something enjoyable – not soggy and wet. Miraculously, the storm that was coming (and which has been going on for DAYS now), held off!! We had a wonderful time, and I can’t wait for them to see the rest of their gallery. Congratulations, you two!!

bride and flower girl looking at backlit wedding dress hanging in the window
bride hugging flower girl near window
flower girl having her necklace put on by bridesmaid
ring bearer trying on his new sunglasses
bride standing in front of a window while bridesmaids help finish getting her ready
father walking his daughter down the wedding aisle as a bride
flower girl tearing up during wedding ceremony
close up shot of a groom looking at his bride shot over the shoulder of a bridesmaid during the wedding ceremony
wide pull back shot of a wedding ceremony happening in a glass conservatory
bride and groom's first kiss after wedding ceremony
bride and groom posing with their dog for portrait
close up of dog with a bowtie standing in front of bride and groom's feet
bride and groom walking down a forest path holding hands
wedding couple kissing under the yellow fall leaves
bride and groom standing on a large stone stairway in the forest
bride and groom standing at the end of a large forest staircase in a forested park
close up of wedding and engagement rings on moss with yellow leaves in the background
bride and groom kissing while bridal party cheers on a path with a farm and trees in the background
bride and groom standing on a path with a farm and red barn behind them
bride and groom kissing with red barn in background
bridal party walking across a large field with trees and red barn in the background
bride and groom holding hands in front of a large red barn and walking forward
bride and groom with groom sitting on old fence and field and trees behind them
bride and groom holding hands walking down a path beside a large red barn
bride and groom holding hands in front of a large red barn
black and white image of bride and groom holding hands in front of a barn with windows
bride and groom entering their wedding reception
wide shot of a wedding party and bride and groom at head table
wedding guest giving speech at reception with light bokeh in the background
bridesmaid crying during wedding speeches at reception head table
groomsmen laughing at head table during wedding speech
three tiered wedding cake with gold and roses
bride and groom laughing together after cutting the cake
wedding couple just about to start their first dance at the reception
close up of bride and groom's first dance with light bokeh in the background
little girl watching bride dance with her father during wedding reception
mom and son dance at wedding reception
bride tossing bouquet in the air to wedding guests
groom taking the garter off his bride while wedding guests watch
wedding guest just about to catch the tossed garter
women laughing and celebrating after bouquet toss

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