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Sep 16 / 2015

September 15 on the 15th | Month In Review

by Laura

Category : Personal


So the original plan was to keep these 15 on the 15th posts for my personal projects.  Well, I lasted until September!  But, alas, I have taken all of THREE photos for myself in the last month.  August turned out to be crazy busy with multiple photoshoots per week, and a good amount of weddings thrown in as well.  I decided instead to share a favourite photo or two from some of my recent shoots, and then include my three little photos at the end :).  Here are my August favourites!

Z&T Friday-1Z&T Friday-1-7Z&T Friday-1-4Z&T Friday-1-3Z&T Friday-1-2Untitled4Untitled2Untitled120150907-IMG_3176-EditUntitled

As far as the last one goes, it’s no secret that we’re having a baby, but I don’t think I’ve actually announced that on here yet, so it’s official – we’re having a baby Froese this winter :).  Now that you’re through here, go check out my friend Angela’s awesome 15 on the 15th post here!

4 thoughts on “September 15 on the 15th | Month In Review

    1. admin

      Thanks, Jill! I am still getting used to it… Not sure I’m a fan of the whole “being” pregnant thing, but it’s worth it for the end result I’m sure!

  1. Loving the one of the couple in the blue doorway. But of course, the cutest ones are of you!! 😀 Busy, busy lady with all these great client images!

    1. admin

      Thanks, Angela! Yes, August was a bit insane which is why I quit my full-time job early. But it’s a good insane. I’m loving it 🙂

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