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Oct 08 / 2017

September 2017 DITL (Day In The Life)

by Laura

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I’m running a little behind on posting my personal DITL projects since we are in the heart of family photo season over here, but I thought Thanksgiving weekend seemed like the perfect time to step back from work a little bit and spend some time focusing on my own family, both in my editing and in real life.  This DITL was from a couple Saturdays ago in September.

My day started at 2:56am apparently (according to my phone!).  Levi woke up for his middle-of-the-night feed and since I agreed to a sunRISE shoot the next morning I was checking on the weather to make sure we didn’t need to call it off last minute since coastal rains can be unpredictable.  It all looked good, so I went back to sleep until it was time for me to wake Levi up for breakfast.  Again, this was due to the fact that I had a shoot at quite literally the crack of dawn.  Normally I would have let him wake up on his own 30 minutes later or so.  (Yes, he’s still wearing his clothes from the day before cause that’s how we roll around here).  As I was heading out the door, I heard Micah waking up as well so I pulled him out of his crib and pushed him down the hall with a, “Where’s daddy?”.  I love the way he puts his palms up in there air when he’s asking where something or someone is.

The shoot I was doing that morning was actually for my neighbours, so I grabbed a ride with them since Nick was taking the boys to a Run for Refugees event at our church that morning and it was easier for me to snag a ride than for him with two carseats.  We headed down the road to a little park by the river.  The sun started off tucked behind some clouds, but it popped out by the end of their shoot and in time for a special surprise!  My sister-in-law runs a princess entertainment company, and sometimes comes along at the end of shoots for something memorable for the kids.  This princess was also my ride back home, but I grabbed a few photos for her website and bought her some coffee first ;).

I generally have a “one shoot per day” rule for my own sanity as well to guarantee the best possible lighting for my clients.  However, since both sunrise AND sunset are gorgeous and I had more families than I did weekends this year, I had another shoot that evening.  With the two family shoots, my DITL project, and a mini princess shoot for my sister, I went home and started to back up files and create folders for the rest of the day while I waited for the boys to get home from their run.

The one nice thing about having Nick home when I’m doing one of my daily projects is that I get to be IN some of the photos!  Once they got back, it was nap time.  We let Micah play while I nursed Levi and then each tucked a kid into bed.

Once everyone (including Nick) was in bed for naps, I snuck back downstairs to start editing that morning’s shoot, and then went and laid down for a bit myself.  Micah woke up shortly after that and came into our bed where he ate his snack.  I sneakily ate my apple and cheese under the covers so I wouldn’t have to share and he was content with raisins. Micah is much better at sharing than I am and happily fed daddy raisins while he played with his “phone” – Levi’s baby monitor that for the life of us we now can’t find because Micah hid it.  I strongly suspect it’s in the yard….

Once Levi also woke up we moved the boys into the living room.  Levi has been dealing with a horrible rash so he’s been hanging out naked on towels a lot.  It’s a dangerous game since he rolls all over the place.  I left the boys to play while I ran down the street to grab a few baking supplies to make banana muffins from a recipe a friend had recently passed on.  Micah loves to “help” in the kitchen, too.

Afterwards, we enjoyed home-made smoothies and muffins while I packed up the car and got ready to head out for my last shoot of the day.  I pulled the lasagna I had been thawing/cooking for the boys out of the oven, nursed Levi, kissed the littles goodnight, and headed out one more time.

The family shoot was magical – one of my favourites so far, and the sunset driving home was also fantastic!  I shot a couple quick photos along the way, but eventually had to pull over, get out of the car, and take a proper one because it was just so amazing.

The kids were asleep when I got home so Nick and I pulled out our favourite board game to enjoy some time together for a couple of hours and then the night was ended with a quick load of laundry and a bit more work.  If I’m not too tired, I like to sort through the day’s photos and pull out all the ones that I’m planning on editing for the final galleries.  I spent the rest of the evening culling through the remaining photos from earlier and then hit the sack just before midnight (again, according to my phone!).

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