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May 04 / 2014

The Great Adventure – Day 17

by Laura

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Today we turned the car around and started to head West.  This is definitely the longest holiday I’ve ever been on, and I’m starting to miss my bed.  I lasted until about Day 15 without thinking about it, but I’m ready for it now.  I’m NOT ready for all the work and responsibilities that come with being home, though.  For those reasons, I’m glad our trip is actually only 2/3rds done and we still have over a week left!
I think I may be fighting a cold or something because even though we’ve been getting between 7 and 9 hour of sleep a night (which is a record in our household), I was simply exhausted in the car today.  We left Pennsylvania around lunch and I took this quick photo of the beautiful farm land before promptly falling asleep for about 6.5 hours!


Besides getting up to use the restroom whenever Nick stopped to fill up the tank, and grabbing a bite to eat, I was completely out of it.  That wasn’t even all that often considering we got about 640km to a tank today!  (This is where the car upgrade is starting to save us big money).  I “woke up” and stayed up around 7:30pm just in time to watch the sun set in front of us instead of behind us for a change.



Last night I suddenly remembered that we don’t collect air miles anymore now that we both have Scotiabank Visas (yay scene points!).  I also remembered that we didn’t have enough points to really fly anywhere, but maybe we would have enough for a free hotel room.  We did!  We had just enough points for us to not have to camp tonight.  So other than $13 in taxes and $10 in admin fees (whatever the heck those are), we ended up staying practically for free in a good ol’ Best Western Plus tonight.

We like camping.  But we like free king-sized beds, free showers, and free breakfasts more.  We also like being able to pull in after 11+ hours of driving and drop all our stuff down and pull out our computers with no tent pitching or fire building in the dark required.  We also like ordering in food with the trip grocery budget we haven’t used up yet due to such generous friends along the way (pizza for Nick and chicken wings for me because I’m still being good about my dairy allergy other than the Ranch dip for the spicy wings).

What we don’t like is getting up in the morning, especially after staying up until 2:00am.  Again.  So I’m going to sign off here and head to bed.  Goodnight!

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