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May 10 / 2014

The Great Adventure – Day 23

by Laura

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Leaving Calgary just after 8am put us in the Rocky Mountains by late morning, but their towering peaks were blanketed in rain and mist.  We tried to make up time after stopping for coffee in order to meet my dad in Salmon Arm by 1pm when, for the THIRD time this trip, we saw flashing lights in our mirror.  This time we weren’t let off with a warning and we received our second ticket of the trip, though much cheaper than the one from Ohio.  Apparently we need to get MUCH more observant with highway signs because we thought we were going 8km over – not 18km….  $166 later.  Sigh.

We actually did get to Salmon Arm just a few minutes after 1pm and caught my dad up on our trip.  I let him buy me a sprinkle doughnut just like when I was a kid and showed him all our pictures.

Next we headed into Vernon to stay with Nick’s grandparents for rest of the afternoon and overnight.  It was so very green!  This is the town I grew up in from age 3 to 24, and it is semi-desert.  What I like best about the weather is that we have all four seasons for reasonable lengths of time and they are distinguishable from one another.  Right now, it’s definitely Spring!  (And yes, I like my 30-40 Celsius Summers here, too!)

We sat down with Grandma at the kitchen table while Grandpa made us one of the best meals of our entire trip.  Steak, potatoes, cucumber salad and BBQ’d garlic bread.  Okay, I may just be biased because steak is like my third favourite food, but it was still excellent!

In the evening Nick played computer games and I worked on some photo stuff while intermittently helping Grandpa with his puzzle.  We also did a ton of laundry!

We all spent the evening in the living room, working on projects and listening to the television.  And being offered more snacks than our bellies could possibly hold!

The grandparents headed to bed just after 10pm leaving us with a command to sleep in tomorrow morning, and we will gladly oblige 🙂

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