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May 11 / 2014

The Great Adventure – Day 24

by Laura

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This morning we slept in as commanded, and got out of bed around 10:30.  As soon as Grandpa saw us up, he started cooking bacon, eggs and home-made hashbrowns.  We also woke up to a pile of folded laundry courtesy of Grandma.  Man, they know how to spoil us!


Before we left just after lunch, we noticed one of our tires looked low.  Grandpa came to the rescue with an air-pressure meter and an air pump!

It was hard to remember to take pictures of the terrain as we travelled as it’s all so very familiar to me being my home town and surrounding area, but I grabbed one here and there as I remembered.

We stopped in Falkland for a couple hours to visit a dear friend of mine and meet her four-month-old baby.  Desiree is one of those friends with whom you can go too long without talking and pick up exactly where you left off.  She’s a real blessing in my life and I wish we lived closer.  Also Avaya is adorable.

Desiree also shares my dairy allergies so I don’t have to miss out on yummy things when I’m with her because she always has the lactose-free versions of my favourites!

Her son, Eamon, came out to play after his nap and I couldn’t resist putting my coat on him and taking a picture.  Hahaha…

We were back on the road shortly after 2:30 and heading up into the mountains.  It alternated between pouring and being sunny.



We came back down the western side of the mountains around dinner time into the flatter coastal lands:

Finally, right at 7pm, we pulled up home.  You’re wondering where Day 25 went, right?  We deceived everyone.  We always planned to be home on Day 24 so we could have one day to recuperate before heading into work on Monday.  (And before we upgraded cars right before we left, we had that extra day in there in case our 12-year old car broke down in the desert or something!).

Thanks to Grandma, we don’t even have to worry about laundry tomorrow now.  We were fully unpacked and through the pile of mail in our box within an hour.  Now we’ve been spending the last three hours catching up on all our bills and other dumb adult responsibilities that creep up when you’re gone for almost a full month!  Oh, and spending a stupid amount of time on the phone with Rogers renegotiating my plan that changed without warning while I was away.  (Note – always ask when the deal they give you “expires” since parts of it seem to expire before your plan is even matured!).   Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be able to just mostly relax.

And since we’re on the topic of life tips, always clean your house before you leave on vacation so you can come home to this lovely, tidy sight 🙂

Also… take cucumbers out of your fridge before you leave.  They turn into slime….  (I didn’t take a photo).

Okay, it’s 11pm and there’s nothing in our fridge but cucumber slime.  (Kidding – I cleaned it up).  Time to order some pizza and wings I think 😉

Also, still stay tuned for Day 25’s post though because Nick tells me there is an 80% chance he will finish our awesome trip video by then and I’ll post a link 🙂

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