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Apr 21 / 2014

The Great Adventure – Day 4

by Laura

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We woke up around 8:30 this morning, but were loathe to leave our massive fortress of blankets and venture into the cold morning air and wet grass.  We finally managed it, and I was delighted to find out the camp ground bathrooms had electrical outlets so I could deal with the tangle of natural curl meets sleeping in a hoodie meets morning dew.  My bed head was super special this morning.  No, you don’t get a picture.  We were on the road by late morning and heading further down the coast to warmer weather:

We stopped for lunch on a small hill overlooking the ocean.  We pulled buns, sandwich meats, and berries out of the cooler in the back and settled down on a blanket:

Our entire day was filled with gorgeous views.  This shot was taken from the car window where we had pulled over to quickly attach the Go-Pro to the side of our car since Nick has been taking video while I take photos:

We read that there was a tree you could drive through, so we made sure we found it.  We paid our $5 at the little booth and have to admit that it was a little anti-climatic when we finally saw it.  The car in front of us BARELY made it through:

We, on the other hand, had no troubles whatsoever in our new little car:

We took a few photos and climbed back in the car to find another campsite for the night.  We passed one not 10 minutes prior, but we both didn’t want to have to go “backwards” on our journey.  So we left the gorgeous redwood forest (and the probably equally gorgeous campsite), to grab “the next one”.  (PS – I have no idea why Blogger is making the below photo look so washed out, but I digress….)

Well, let me tell you.  There is no “next one”.  Hour after hour and not a single tenting campsite appeared.  Apparently that was the LAST state park before San Francisco.  We debated back and forth on what to do, following one dead lead after another.  Internet on our phone would come and go with every turn in the road leaving us mostly to our own devices.  We finally decided we would just drive for a couple more hours and see what came up.  Maybe we would find one.  Maybe we would sleep in our car (a daunting thought if you remember how full our car is).  Maybe we would get a super cheap motel.  We turned our novel-on-tape back on and headed further South.

After a few hours, we pulled up beside a Best Western and Nick popped in to see how much a room was.  After he managed to talk them down $30 from their original price (a combination of their offering, us being BCAA members and agreeing to sign up for some rewards program), we opened our room to find a number of things.  1.  They gave us a king-sized bed instead of two doubles.  2.  It has a mini fridge, safe, coffee maker, etc.  3.  There’s an ice machine in the hall (score for our cooler tomorrow).  4.  It has TWO outdoor pools and TWO outdoor hot-tubs.  (We went swimming before we even made dinner).  5.  We’re far enough South that we can go swimming in outdoor pools and not freeze.  6.  It comes with free pancake and waffle breakfasts.  7.  Wifi!

So here we are, flopped all over this beautifully large bed with chlorine in our hair on a warm, California night.  I’m almost done blogging and catching up on the internet world, and Nick is reading away beside me.  I think it’s just about time for bed!  However, since we drove so. much. further. South for so many hours looking for a campsite, we have only about a 7-hour drive left between us and Anaheim tomorrow, so we may just stay up late and take it easy tomorrow morning.  Either way, good-night world!

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