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Oct 07 / 2020

The V. Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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multi-cultural family sitting on blanket with two little boys hugging

As a mom of a 2, 3, and 4-year old boy myself, this family was speaking my language. I also couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning. We started our shoot just as the fog (and smoke because it’s 2020 and of course there’s smoke) cleared and the sun broke through. Even having a sunny day line up with your shoot this late in the year in rainforest territory is magical!

The only thing that went wrong is I stopped to play with the oldest boy for a bit while dad ran home for an outfit as we were all early to the shoot anyway, and while I did, I carefully locked my gear in the car and covered it up with a blanket just like any responsible photographer would. However, I made a deal with myself a while back after too many shoots dumping out my pockets and bags trying to remember where I tucked my keys away. I made a deal that I would always put my keys in the same place every time – the same place in my camera bag. Well, let’s just say I’ll never make that mistake again and I’ve been panicking and checking my pockets before I lock the car all week since! Thankfully hubby was home with my spare keys so he ran them over and saved us all!

little boy sitting on blanket looking up
family together with father and son laughing together
little boy in rainbow sweater being held in father's lap
family sitting on blanket with two little boys hugging each other
mother holding toddler son in her arms while he kisses her cheek
mother holding baby boy and snuggling him while he plays with a leaf
close up of little boy's hands holding a leaf in mother's arms
father holding two sons and looking up
The littlest one’s “thing” at the moment was pointing so we made sure we caught that too <3
little boy running under blanket being held by his parents
family playing by fall riverbank
two little boys sitting on a blanket with big brother kissing baby brother in sunrise

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