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Aug 15 / 2017

V. Family Gender Reveal | Surrey Bend | Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families, Maternity

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My friend and I have tossed around the idea of trading shoots for each other for a while now but, full disclosure?  Gosh was I nervous, lol.  Shooting for other photographers is something I’m doing more often these days, but the butterflies never quite go away when doing so, haha!  This shoot was a little bit of everything – a family shoot, a maternity shoot, and most importantly a gender reveal shoot!

Little T is going to be a big brother and we had been sitting on the secret of baby’s gender for a week or so and it was time to tell the family and world!  (One perk to being a photographer is privileged inside information, haha!).  Laura learns how to use a smoke bomb is a blog post in and of itself that we won’t go into right now.  Let’s just say a phone call to my husband along the lines of ,”that quilt I’m borrowing from your mom – it’s not like a real family heirloom is it?” was involved midway through this shoot….

Anyway, that’s a story for another time.  For now, here’s some pretty sunset images under our smokey skies, courtesy of forest fires across the Province, and of a beautiful mama, her wonderful husband, an 18-week baby bump, and a toddler who is ALL boy (boy mamas, you’re nodding with me right now) but who adores his little baby sibling to be!

Welcome to the mom-of-multiple-boys club.  It’s a real thing – I promise!  We have mugs.  Really big ones.  For all the coffee we need ;).

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