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Oct 05 / 2022

V Family | Maple Ridge Family Photographer

by Laura

Category : Families

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family smiling for the camera with river and sunrise behind them

What do you get when a family lets you choose the time and location? You get the most perfect sunrise filtering through evergreens with a river in the background. Bonus points for the leaf fight at the end as well. Fun fact… I locked my keys in my car (WITH my camera bag, BEFORE the shoot) the first year I documented this family and I swore they would think I was the most unprofessional ever and would never work with me again. Turns out they think it’s funny now, too, ha!

parents kissing while holding young boys with forest and river behind them
family standing by river at sunset interacting with each other
close up of little boy with rainbow sweater smiling for the camera while holding mom's hand
two little boys cheek to cheek looking straight at the camera
two little boys sitting on blanket by river with older brother being hugged by little brother
two little boys running towards their parents with sunrise and river behind them
mom and dad holding little boys and rough housing with them with trees and river in background
dad throwing little boy in rainbow sweater up in the air
dad holding boy who is throwing back head and laughing with sunrise, trees and river behind them
toddler boy hugging dad tight with sunrise, river and trees behind them
mom whispering in little boy's ear in her arms while he smiles with sunrise and river behind them
little boy hugging mom with sunrise and trees and river behind them
couple standing by river at sunrise with man kissing woman on the cheek
little boy climbing tree in fall with rainbow sweater
little boy sitting in tree with rainbow sweater surrounded by fall leaves on the ground
family throwing leaves with young boys in rainbow sweaters

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