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Nov 15 / 2013

West Coast Froese Family Photo Shoot 2013

by Laura

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It occurred to me last month after doing a photo shoot for a friend of mine that Nick and I have hardly ANY photos of the two of us.  We have a few here and there taken with a tripod and timer for various photography projects, but our wedding was really the last time we had a decent amount of photos.

I remember being a little girl and eating up any photos I could find of my parents.  I would pour over the pages and say, “How old were you here?”  “How old were you now?”  “What are you wearing!?” Unfortunately, these photos were rare and far between.  This got me thinking.  I want to create memories that my kids can look back on.  Memories that Nick and I can share in our old age and reminisce about “how young we were”.
That would require two things, though.
1.  We would actually need to HAVE photos of us; and
2.  We would need to actually PRINT something rather than burying it in layers of hard drive data.
We debated back and forth because it felt so weird to hire and pay someone for something that we could do ourselves… kinda.  But the thought of hours of endless fiddling with the tripod was daunting.  And it also made us question what we valued.  We pitch photo shoots, saying the memories are priceless.  Our clients believe us, but do we believe it ourselves?  We do!  So I contacted my friend across the border at Jennifer Bogle Photography and asked if I could hire her to do a shoot for us.  She is fabulous, and I highly recommend her.  (And trust me, I’m super picky).
Here is a small sample of the results (which are already put together into a photo book, waiting for me to print as soon as the next sale comes up!):










Thank you for these memories, Jennifer!

One thought on “West Coast Froese Family Photo Shoot 2013

  1. laura,

    super gorgeous shots! my favs are the first one (what an amazing location!) and the one where you guys are sitting on the log by the water and he’s holding you. awww!

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